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  Turban Geyser
Feature Type: Geyser
Geyser/Spring Type: Fountain geyser

Upper Geyser Basin
Grand and Castle Group

Turban Geyser is intimately connected to Grand Geyser. Grand Geyser only erupts near the start of an eruption of Turban.

During the hours prior to an eruption of Grand, Turban erupts every 15-25 minutes for about five minutes. During Grand's eruption, it will erupt continuously often increasing in size from its normal 5-10 feet to about 20 feet. For the hour or so after Grand's eruption Turban erupts intermittently with Vent Geyser.

Turban is located in the large sinter mound next to Grand's pool. Many people upon first seeing the mound assume that it is Grand instead of Turban. Turban is a fountain-type geyser.

See Grand Geyser for more information.

What to look for:
Turban is a long way from the benches for Grand watchers, and in addition, is slightly elevated. Accordingly, no pre-play or other signs of eruption are obvious from the benches. Eruptions usually start with sputtering and sloshing close to the geyserite rim separating Turban from Grand. The first few pulses may not be visible from all points in the viewing area; for best viewing, grab a seat toward the north (left) end of the benches.

Incidentally, don't get too excited if the start of Turban is followed closely by waves in Grand emanating from the rim between the two, even though "waves in Grand!!" is the excited call given by experienced Grand watchers to let people know an eruption is imminent. Turban's eruptions cause an overflow into Grand's pool that often sends waves outward from the point where the overflow occurs, but doesn't immediately presage an eruption. The waves on Grand that cause all the excitement are the ones that originate at Grand's vent, some distance from this overflow point.

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