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  Morning Glory Pool
Feature Type: Hot Spring
Geyser/Spring Type: No periodic overflow

Upper Geyser Basin
Morning Glory

Morning Glory Pool has long been considered one of the must see attractions in the Upper Geyser Basin. While pretty, it is not the prettiest pool in the basin much less the park. Its fame came when it was right next to the road and the first attraction most visitors saw when they entered the Upper Geyser Basin. Unfortunately, this fame is also responsible for its present condition. Many visitors, unaware of how fragile the thermal features are, threw coins, rocks and garbage into Morning Glory Pool. Some of these objects found their way to Morning Glory's vent and partially clogged it. Thus, robbing the pool of some of its water flow and cooling it down. As the pool cooled, algae started growing into the pool. The pool is still pretty, but you can no longer see the beautiful blues that gave the pool its name.

You can no longer drive to Morning Glory Pool. It now requires a 1.5 mile walk from the Old Faithful Visitor Center. If Morning Glory was the only thing you'd see along this walk then I question the wisdom of taking the walk, but there is much more to see along this walk than just Morning Glory. All of the geysers and pools listed on this page and many more can be seen along the trails leading to Morning Glory. Take your time along these trail and watch some of the geysers. Don't just rush down the trail to get to the much publicized Morning Glory Pool. You will be disappointed if that is all that you do.

(Morning Glory has been known, on extremely rare occasions, to erupt as a geyser. Because of this, Morning Glory has been induced to erupt in the past in an attempt to clean derbies from its vent. The last few attempts to do this failed. It is possible that there is just too much junk in the vent to allow Morning Glory to erupt any more.)

What to look for:
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