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  Jet Geyser
Feature Type: Geyser
Geyser/Spring Type:

Lower Geyser Basin
Fountain Group

Jet is a frequent performer, sometimes erupting every 7 to 30 minutes to 20 feet, although it can also be hours between eruptions before Jet starts erupting every 7 to 30 minutes. Jett erupts from at least five vents in an elongated cone. Jet shows its connection to Fountain Geyser by often, but not always, erupting every 2 to 3 minutes during Fountain's eruptions. Sometime Jet does not have any eruptions during Fountain's eruptions.

What to look for:
Jet is on the opposite side of the boardwalk from Fountain, star of the Fountain Group (at least in years when Morning Geyser is inactive), and its eruptions can be missed by visitors intent on watching Fountain's crater for rising water. If you simply keep your ears open, you can see Jet very near its start, as the sudden onset of activity produces obvious "this geyser is starting to erupt" noise. In any event, eruptions start with little (visual) warning, so the acoustic indicator is about as good a way of catching an eruption as any.

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