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  Doublet Pool
Feature Type: Hot Spring
Geyser/Spring Type: Intermittant hot spring - periodic flow

Upper Geyser Basin
Geyser Hill

Doublet pool is a beautiful pool. The geyserite around the pool forms a pretty overhanging, scalloped edge. Doublet is a good place to see the large overhangs that can make walking off the boardwalks in the geyser basin so dangerous. Even though Doublet Pool has only been seen to burst as a small geyser on two or three occasions, it still is interesting to watch. On intervals of less than two hours, the right hand pool will have periods of pulsing over the vent. This pulsing is caused by steam bubbles collapsing deep in the pool and its plumbing system. When there are no people walking nearby on the boardwalk, it is often possible to sit on the bench in front of Doublet Pool and feel the thumping of the collapsing steam bubbles.

Doublet Pool is a pretty and sometimes fun pool. Occasionally, when there are few people on the boardwalk, it is possible to hear and feel doublet thump as steam bubbles collapse deep in Doublets plumbing system. At these periods, it is also possible to see the water over the right-hand pool pulsate.

Doublet is a good example of the one of the dangers you could encounter if you leave the boardwalk. On close examination you will notice that what initially looks like sturdy ground around Doublet Pool is actually a thin overhang of sinter over the extremely hot pool.

What to look for:
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