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  Constant Geyser
Feature Type: Geyser
Geyser/Spring Type:

Norris Geyser Basin
Porcelain Basin

Constant is located just behind and to the right of Whirligig Geyser, near the boardwalk into Porcelain Basin and easily visible from the upper boardwalks that give overviews of the basin. It is recognizable from these higher, more distant boardwalks by the red color of its pool. One might think from its name that Constant is a perpetual spouter, but it's a true geyser, with brief (usually a single burst) but reasonably powerful (20 feet or more) eruptions separated by intervals that are variable but commonly of the order of one to two hours. In many but not all seasons, Constant usually has a pair of eruptions (sometimes even three to five) only a few minutes apart, followed by the hour(s)-long interval. In other seasons there is only one eruption per long interval.

Constant gets its name from the fact that it has been one of the few features in Porcelain Basin that has lasted for many years. The basin is an intensely dynamic place, with geysers (sometimes powerful ones) that come and go on time scales of a year or less. Constant, similarly active Fireball Geyser, nearby Whirligig, and infrequent but spectacular Ledge Geyser are some of the few features of the basin that are persistent enough to have accepted names.

What to look for:
Constant's eruptions give little warning, but there is usually some bubbling and frothing or pulsation of the pool very shortly before the eruption starts. Be attentive, as the eruption is so short-lived that you may miss it if your attention wanders.

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